About Us

Port Clinica Veterinaria is a meeting point for animal lovers:
The direct, close and personalized treatment with the owner are the trademark of the house and empathy arises here spontaneously because we start from the same precept: animals come first!

We are an INTEGRAL ANIMAL HEALTH center where a team of specialists trained in various disciplines of veterinary medicine make our passion for animals a way of life.

Our clinic has been designed under two fundamental objectives; on the one hand to achieve the maximum comfort for our patients and, on the other hand, to provide the medical team with modern and very functional facilities, and to equip them with the latest technology.

The little big family that makes up El Port pursued a dream that has only become a reality with the union of our experiences, our efforts and with time: To provide you with the experience of a whole team of professionals whose mission is to improve your pet’s welfare in a comfortable environment and, at the same time, equipped with the latest advances, the newest techniques and the most modern facilities.

And for this we decided to build something really new and special, in an emblematic area of the port of Altea.

All the people who make up the team, share an illusion that has become
our main motto:

Obstinate illusion in improving the quality of life of our animals.