During our summer vacations dogs spends much more time with us and when they go back to routine the dog must go through a process of emotional adaptation.

El Port Veterinario have informed us that dogs with post-vacation syndrome present the common symptoms of separation anxiety:

– He constantly seeks your company and is more affectionate than usual.
– He tries to attract more attention.
– His excitability and nervousness increase.
– He barks non-stop, especially when you leave him alone.
– He makes destructions that he did not do before.
– He may start to relieve himself at home when he used to be a clean dog.
– Attempts to escape from home by scratching and breaking doors.

It can affect dogs of all ages and breeds but especially dogs that are more dependent on their owners. It usually lasts between two days and a week, depending on how long it takes the dog to get used to the routine again. It must be emphasized that it is not a disease, it is a period of emotional transition that the dog must overcome.

The best thing you can do is to prevent this situation:

– During the vacation periods try to continue with the dog’s normal routines. Vacation schedules are different but if you are used to walk your dog early in the morning, you should get up and follow that habit. You should also keep the schedule of his meals, trying not to feed him during the hottest hours of the day.

– It is normal that on vacation we want the dog to accompany us everywhere but, from time to time, it is healthy for the dog to stay home alone while you go for a walk.

– As the date of the return to normality approaches, try to establish again all the routine that the dog will take before starting it for real.

From El Port Veterinarios clinic they say it is normal for the dog to take a few days to get used to the daily routine again (just as it happens to us) and advise us to try to make this emotional transition as smooth as possible.

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