The main cause of heat stroke deaths in dogs is their owners. Leaving your dog in the car in summer while you go out for a drink or to run an errand – or keeping it tied up in a kennel in the sun – is not only torture, but practically a death sentence.

El Port Veterinarios team is unequivocal on the subject: never, under any circumstances, leave your dog in the car in the summer (even if the temperature is close to or approaches summer temperatures and/or heatwave values). In fact, if you see one locked inside a car, report it.

To prevent your dog from suffering from heat stroke or suffering from high temperatures, just apply common sense and follow some simple guidelines:

1. Always leave fresh, clean water within the animal’s reach.

2. Do not leave it out in the sun when it is hot.

3. If you live outdoors, make sure there is always plenty of shade available for your pet. However, if temperatures are high, it is best to bring him indoors to keep him cooler.

4. In hot weather, feed him first and last thing in the morning.

5. If it is hot and you live in a shaded, asphalted or concrete area, avoid going out in the middle of the day. The walk, first and last thing in the morning and last thing at midday to do their needs.

6. On sweltering hot days, put wet towels where he can lie down, even if he is inside the house.

7. Prevent him from exercising during the hottest hours of the day.

8. Avoid taking him in the car when it is hot, because the air conditioning cools us but not the dog. And if you travel, take wet towels to cool him down.

9. Never leave your dog in a parked car, even in the shade and with the windows down.

Never leave an animal in a parked car, even in the shade and with the windows down!

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