Congratulations if you’re going to be a mom!

However, people often wonder if pets pose a risk to pregnant women and therefore sometimes they take pets out of the house.

Well, in this article El Port Veterinarios talks about this subject and clears up all the doubts.
Probably your family or people close to you, and even some doctor with his rusty studies will tell you to have to get rid of your pets but really do you have to and does this make any sense as it has more to do with an urban legend.

What is Toxoplasmosis?

It is an infectious disease caused by a parasitic protozoan called Toxoplasma gondii. it is true that toxoplasmosis is a zoonotic disease because it is transmitted from animals to humans and that the definitive host is the cat and other species of felines.
The rest of mammals act as intermediate hosts. However, there is numerous scientific evidences showing that the spread of T. gondii to humans through contact with the feces of an infected cat is unlikely.

How can infection can be prevented?

The team of El Port Veterinarios advises the following:

– Cats that live at home with us, they don’t get infected or spread Toxoplasmosis, so don’t panic.

– If you still have doubts, you can take the Toxoplasmosis test, if you have passed it, you will not get it again. The cat can also be tested. Without being pregnant, this disease usually goes unnoticed like a cold, so if you don’t get tested you will never know.

– Be sure to clean the litter box with gloves and wash your hands afterwards. The feces of cats that eat feed do not have Toxoplasmosis, but if you still don’t trust it, ask someone to clean it for you or use gloves.

– if you eat game meat, the best thing to do is to cook it very well and wash vegetables and everything you eat, this is the only way to avoid Toxoplasmosis.

– Don’t abandon your best friend and companion for something that will never happen.

Be smart and get better and first-hand information. El Port Veterinarios can advise you if needed on this or any other pet related matter.

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