A veterinary practise that is not about the money or having lots of clinics but in treating every animal as if they were there own

What is SLOW?

At Clinica Veterinaria El Port they practice “SLOW Veterinary Medicine” which is a concept that has been developed in multiple sectors, but also in health, so that they apply it on their clinic as a method of efficient development, where patients come first and are prioritized.

For El Port veterinary team, quality over quantity is a priority, since they are not interested in responding to treatments in a fast, multiple and uncontrolled way, where patients are just another number to increase their income account. However, their SLOW concept is focused on seeing fewer patients to work better. Sometimes, less is more and that’s what sets this excellent veterinary clinic apart from other clinics.

In today’s world of animal health, it is not common to find good practice together with calmness. Therefore, unlike other veterinary clinics, their SLOW work is a philosophy of life and service, to offer high quality treatments with the latest technology, but focusing on the details, on the patient, on a careful service and, of course, on their health as the central axis of their clinic.

This type of veterinary practice seeks to establish a reciprocal relationship between the professional and the client-owner, obtaining a bond between both for the benefit of our patient: your beloved animal and member of your family.

On the other hand, the SLOW concept should not be confused with slow, “it is not about being a “slow veterinarian”, but about doing things calmly and in a useful way”.

Therefore, once any client sets foot in their Veterinary Clinic El Port, they not only gets a proper and fair treatment for their little loved one, but an experience, an excellent service from their dedicated entire team, which goes from the most careful attention to practice the treatment strictly necessary, neither more nor less.

The four principles of their SLOW Veterinary

Their working method is based on four basic pillars: quality, management method, patient experience and advanced technology.

1. Quality of service

They focus on professional improvement by providing quality in the processes of the clinic and know-how that goes beyond quantity as we mentioned above it favors quality over quantity.

A veterinary service that relies on the internist medicine of their professionals, the best specialists in each field of veterinary medicine and surgery, offering in their clinic an integral medical-surgical service.

2. Method of patient management

In the practice of Veterinary Medicine SLOW, they define a management method based on professionalism, where prevention is above treatment.

3. Patient experience

At El Port they pursue excellence in everything they do. This is the only way they can offer their patients the service they deserve at all times. They strive to use close explanatory communication methods as tools to make it clear, in a simple way, the problem the pet has, what treatment they should apply in each case and why.

It is crucial that all clients know and understand what is wrong with their pet in order to begin treatment.

4. Technology

They rely on the most advanced technology to our times to perform their work, not faster, but better; more effective.

SPAIN life exclusive has researched all over the Costa Blanca and this is the veterinary clinic we recommend as they are truly excellent in all there values

Contact details:

El Port Veterinary Clinic

Calle La Mar, 159, Altea – 03590 (Alicante)

Phone:  +34 966 880 612

Email: clinicaelport@gmail.com

Website: https://elportveterinarios.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Veterinarian/Clinica-veterinaria-El-Port-141638262641368


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